360 Cashmere Beanie Midnight
360 Cashmere Beanie Midnight

360 Cashmere Beanie Midnight

Circular, zero-waste, recycled cashmere
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360 Cashmere Beanie Highlights

Circular Knitwear
Super Soft Cashmere
Made in Italy


Fits true to size. Knitted beanie with a rib construction for a snug fit. It is reversible with a choice of stitches

  • Sleeve length: One size. Depth: 22cm / 8.7", circumference: 22cm / 8.7"
  • Top length:


  • Circular and zero-waste: Made from recycled cashmere that's been regenerated into a new life. When you've worn yours out, return it back us and we'll renew it again
  • Certified recycled cashmere: From an unknown drawer or a clothing donation somewhere around the world, fine cashmere is collected, sorted and spun into a new life at our recycling and knitwear maker in Italy
  • Luxury Essential : A classic, luxe, super soft beanie which is reversible for you to wear the stitch you prefer. It's naturally insulating and perfect for cooler days
  • Easy care: Hand wash, quick drying


    • Super soft cashmere knitted beanie with a rib construction for a snug fit
    • Reversible with two stitching patterns for two-way wear
    • Designed in London
    • Cashmere yarn sustainably recycled and spun in Italy
    • Made in Prato, Italy
    • Made from fine, super soft, certified recycled cashmere from a supplier which is Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certified. Yarn is recycled from post-consumer sweaters from around the world
    • 98% Recycled Cashmere 2% Virgin Wool for added yarn strength
    • Delicate hand wash only, lay flat to dry, and cool iron if needed on the reverse. Our yarns are beautiful and can be delicate. Please take extra care when wearing jewellery and accessories to avoid snagging or pilling
    • Do not bleach or tumble dry
    • Eco tip: think green before you clean, and only clean when needed


    • Designed in London
    • Recycled fine cashmere yarn created from post-consumer sweaters from a supplier who is GRS Certified
    • Made in Prato, Italy
    • Post-consumer sweaters made of 100% high grade cashmere yarn from around the world are mechanically broken down into countless fibers and respun into new high-quality yarn at our factory in Italy. The process preserves the original colors of the fibers, eliminating dyes and additional chemicals from the manufacturing process, and in turn, reducing water consumption. Yarn are then knitted to create our regenerated sweaters, as fine as new, with no further environmental impact
    • Certified recycled cashmere yarn from a supplier who is Global Recycle Standard (GRS) certified. GRS is promoted by Textile Exchange, one of the most important non-profit organisations advocating international responsible and sustainable development in the textile industry. With the Global Recycle Standard, Textile Exchange acknowledges the crucial importance of recycling for the growth of a sustainable production and consumption model; it aims to encourage the reduction of resource consumption (virgin raw materials, water and energy) and to increase the quality of recycled products
    • Precisely knitted with zero waste
    • Packaging: FSC Certified recycled paper outer packaging. Garments are individually packaged in a part bio-based protective sleeve that's industrial compostable and TÜV’s OK Compost Home certified. Please compost where accepted. Results for home compost systems may vary.


    Closing the loop never felt so soft

    Made from recycled cashmere that has been regenerated into a new life. When you've worn yours out, return it to us and we'll renew it again.

    Going 360 Circular

    Our first ever circular design, our 360 range is made from recycled cashmere that has been regenerated into a new life. When you've worn yours out, return it to us and we'll renew it again.

    Click here to recycle your 360 styles.

    Made in Italy with Zero Waste

    Made of 98% recycled post-consumer high-grade cashmere yarn which gets sorted and respun at our factory in Prato, Italy. This renewing process preserves the original colours of the fibres, which eliminates the use of dyes, additional chemicals, and excess water consumption. We add 2% virgin wool for extra yarn strength.

    Recycled Cashmere

    Our recycled cashmere is Global Recycle Standard (GRS) Certified. By using recycled materials, we’re helping to reduce our reliance on new resources (virgin raw materials, water and energy).

    Extending the Lifecycle

    Our cashmere yarns are beautifully soft and can be delicate. To keep your 360 styles looking great and lasting longer, make sure to hand wash only. Lay flat to dry and cool iron on the reverse if needed.

    Top tip: take extra care when wearing jewelry and accessories to avoid snagging or pilling.


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