It’s that bittersweet time of year. Back to school. Back to work. Air gets crisper. Leaves turn to gradients of red to yellow. NFL is back on. Apple-picking is in.

As we continue to list of telltale signs of autumn, we’re envisioning scarves, boots, tights, coats, and a neutral to dark hued color palette. As the work-life hustle continues at full speed into year-end, as does our performance and function. And, as should our everyday workwear.

Dai is designed to function, adapt and perform. Our luxe, yet life-proof pieces are purposefully crafted to move you from desk to dinner and everything in between. Four-way stretch at 50% and 70% elongation with strong stretch recovery, breathable, comfortable, and Oeko-Tex® eco-certified – these are just some of the technical factors built into our smart fabrics.

You’re on the move, and we designed clothes to move at your speed. Large, discreet pockets for your large smartphone and cards and a quick coffee dash? We got you. Detachable features and adjustable sleeve lengths for business formal to casual? No problem. Sharp-cut blazer: on for boardroom, off for happy hour? Yep.

As for colors, black and navy are always wardrobe foundations. They are elegant, classic, and pair with almost everything from prints to stripes to bolder colors. Style them with bolder accessories, belts, handbags, scarves, and shoes. We also love a classic sky blue adding a lighter touch to the darker days.

This fall, here are our essential Dai picks to optimize your wardrobe:

1. Step To It Dress in Midnight, £345 / $425. For fast-moving days and every day.

2. Now and Forever Blouse in Technical Sky, £145 / $175. Our technical take on an elevated classic.

3. Power Move Trousers, £190 / $225. Feels-like-yoga tailored trousers.

Like what you see? Check out the full collection here.

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