Dai Featured on Electric Runway: Performance Workwear for Women Who Run the World

Dai Featured on Electric Runway: Performance Workwear for Women Who Run the World

Electric Runway is the go-to source for fashion tech, and they get us. We’re thrilled to be dubbed performance workwear for “women who run the world” and recognized for our use of innovative textiles.

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A new clothing line for working women borrows from athleisure and innovations in textiles.


If you’ve ever experienced waistbands getting smaller after lunch, or the struggle of picking up your bag from the ground gracefully, your fashion prayers have been answered.


Meet Joanna Dai, the founder and creative director of the recently launched DAI Wear —business-wear for the active woman. DAI debuted in late July of this year, and touts itself as a leader in incorporating high-performance textiles into workwear. Joanna started the brand out of necessity, stemming from years of working in restrictive business attire. She saw a gap in the market and acted on it.


As we all know, fast-fashion demands a new look every quarter, but according to DAI Wear, this is a thing of the past. DAI’s looks are trendless and timeless, thereby moving beyond the seasonal wardrobe changes. This demands quality and durability from DAI’s garments, which the designer describes as “fashion-focused, design-led and technical.” By using the patented Sensitive®Fabrics from Eurojersey’s mills, she achieves environmental responsibility, skin-friendly fabrics, as well as ethical practices from conception to creation.

Read the full interview here. Want to see performance wear? Click here.


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